Short stories in verse for children

Short stories in verse for children

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Poems are an excellent resource to help children exercise their memory while learning more vocabulary and improving their expression and diction.

Read with your children this beautiful selection of short stories written in verse, especially for children. You can read them out loud and even prepare a short show at home for the children to recite.

Children love to have stories read aloud to them, try reciting these short stories in verse to them, you will see how they are impressed.

Little red riding hood in verse. Little Red Riding Hood is a fairy tale written by Charles Perrault in 1697. Countless adaptations have been made of this classic, such as this poem about Little Red Riding Hood, written by Francisco Villaespesa.

Poem to the Ratoncito Pérez. Children love the story of the Tooth Fairy, so we suggest you read this version written by Liana Castelo in verse. A great way to introduce poetry into your child's reading.

Tale in verse of the princess. Sonatina is one of the best known poems by Rubén Darío. This poem is full of musicality which makes it ideal for reading aloud to children. In addition, fantasy and hope surround him, since in the end a knight comes to save the princess from so much sadness.

The two friends and the bear. The two friends and the bear is one of the many fables that Samaniego wrote. It is a short story with a rhyme that hides a teaching. Stories with rhyme.

The dentist in the jungle. The dentist in the jungle is a poem written by Gloria Fuertes. Classical poetry for children. How to encourage reading in children. Simple and short children's poems.

The rats. The mice, a children's poem written by Lope de Vega. Traditional poetry to recite with children. Children's poems to encourage reading.

The child and tell us. The boy and the dinos is a story in verse for children written by Antonio de Benito. A children's story written in the form of a poem stimulates children to read and encourages the habit of reading.

Margarita the turtle. Here is a nice story in verse for children: Margarita the turtle. A story in the form of a poem that talks about the importance of helping others and about friendship. Short stories for kids

The poet Marisa Alonso Santamaría, a contributor to our site, suggests a poem so that children can play at putting words that rhyme where the ellipsis appear. The solution, you can find it at the end of the poem. A proposal for parents and children to have fun together, with words. Let's find the rhymes!

Rhyming is a lot of fun

Rhyming is fun

and also entertaining,

if you want to have fun,

I encourage you to rhyme with me.

Search for a rabbit name

rhymes well ...

if you are looking for a frog name,

rhymes with …

To name the mouse,

and rhyme for elephant

looks very good ...

and for the second ...

Rhyme words, listen!

with hat and pencil,

you will surely find ...

raise your finger ...

While rhyming with shirt

I am telling you my name,

they know me for ...

And you'll see that I'm rhyming

And now it rhymes with me

with the word spoon,

it's an easy word

Don't give me that ...

Rhyming is so much fun

and also entertaining,

if you want to continue rhyming

I keep rhyming with you.

Words from the original poem:
Almendralejo, Ana, Mariana, Melitón, Dante, many, first, Marisa, face.

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