Fun mummy recipes for Halloween

The children's Halloween party will be much more fun if, apart from all the decoration you can do, we prepare a delicious and curious recipes shaped like mummies.

Mummies are characters widely used in decoration as well as in Halloween recipes. The Halloween night and many times we do not have time to elaborate more complex cooking dishes.

Thus, He offers us some curious, original and chilling ideas so that we can surprise our children.

Do you dare to prepare some mummy-shaped sausages for the children's Halloween party? A very fun activity to play with fear.

We propose a most original and exquisite recipe: sausage and puff pastry mummies so that parents can prepare them with their children and thus enjoy a very fun time with them. A very, very easy and quick recipe to prepare. Do you dare?

Those toast in the shape of mummies will give a touch of fear to the snack or the Halloween party for children. proposes us a very easy recipe. To make these funny mummies, we need a slice of bread (if possible toast), ketchup to spread it, strips of cheese to wrap the slice of bread, and then slices of olives for the eyes of our mummy. Do you dare?

The children's Halloween party is approaching and if you are one of those who celebrate a party, surely this proposal will interest them. What better way to surprise your children and their friends than with this mummy-shaped cookie? proposes to make cookies from mummies for halloween. How? Well, making cookies with a basic recipe, and then decorating them with fondant.

To sweeten the children's Halloween night, what do you think if we make these curious muffins or mummy cupcakes? It is very simple, you will have to first make a chocolate cupcake. Then, a cake-pops with chocolate coating is made. To join one with the other, use strips made with white fondant. And to finish, a pinch of fondant is put in the cake-pops for the eyes of our mummy. You dare?

Learn how to make these fun sweet mummy cake pops for the kids' Halloween party. To make them, you just have to prepare several cake-pops, dip them in chocolate or white fondant, and then put little eyes with dark chocolate, and cover them with strips of white fondant, as ties.

We propose you a recipe for an easy, simple and quick appetizer to make. You just have to prepare some meatballs and fry them. While frying, cut strips into a puff pastry. With these strips, go around 3 or 4 meatballs. To finish, cut details of egg white and a piece of black olive, to make the eyes. A fun recipe that your children will love.

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