Games to stimulate the vision of babies from 0 to 5 months

Games to stimulate the vision of babies from 0 to 5 months

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Babies when they are born do not see clearly, their vision is blurred and also, they only perceive black and white. Between 0 and 3 months, they will not be able to distinguish faces or objects and they cannot pick up colors. This ability can be developed between 3 and 4 months.

They have not yet developed binocular vision, that is, the use of both eyes at the same time. Your eyes have to be trained and adapted during the stages of growth until you reach visual maturity. To help them in this process we can perform some simple games and activities that will stimulate you visually.

It is convenient that all the activities, whether they are daily as games that we carry out with the baby, must be done by working both eyes equally: either breastfeeding or the bottle, placing them in different positions, playing on both sides ... In this way , we will stimulate both eyes.

- Use light stimuli: it is about using objects that have a high contrast and that attract your attention, that is, objects with white colors, using objects of different sizes, textures and shapes.

- Work eye-hand coordination: bring objects closer to him so that he tries to pick them up. He is not yet able to do it, but if we put them within two inches of his arm, he will try to make slight movements. So we will be working the visual periphery.

- Lay him down on the floor: have a comfortable and safe place where there are many visual stimuli. In this way, it will move voluntarily to try to catch them.

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