The importance of words in raising our children

The importance of words in raising our children

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It is possible that on more than one occasion, you have escaped saying something like: 'Are you stupid or what?' or 'This kid is crazy! look at the things he does' ...

Sometimes we are not aware of how, the way we speak and the words we use, affect our children. We explain what is the importance of words in raising our children and why you should take care of everything you say.

Today it surprises the number of children with a lack of security and self-confidence. Many times it happens to us that we do not understand why it happens, since although phrases like these escape us, the affection and love that we give them every day is always in the background.

The truth is that numerous studies affirm that our brain focuses attention and processes the negative in advance of the positive. It has also been proven that the negative remains in the long-term memory as soon as it happens, while the positive needs to be repeated more over time to remain.

It happens that we do not realize of the echo that our words have on our children. Children assume what adults tell them and we adults do not realize how many times we use the verb SER instead of the verb ESTAR.

Child It does not interpret the same today. The more you say that your child is a certain way, the more he will believe it.

Recently, I was listening to a mother say to her son while eating at a restaurant:

- How slow you are, you're going to finish last!

- Are you still going there? Eat faster!

- You see it? They are all done ...

The boy looked up and replied:

- Sure mom, I am slow.

Unintentionally, with our words we push our children to be just the opposite of what we expect. We believe that we warn them, but what happens is that we are telling them that they are in a certain way, and if you listen to it continuously, in the end you end up assuming it.

If we want to encourage our child to do some things in a concrete way, we have to focus our attention on the positive, and guide him there.

Ask: 'what are you going to do when you pick up?' instead of 'as you don't pick up…!'.

The kinds of questions we ask will help guide your thinking in a certain direction.

So even if the day to day sometimes makes us despair and we lose patience, it's worth stopping for a second and breathing before saying anything.

Language and the way we use it, is the basis of communication. If used with respect, children will learn to respect. The screams and threats have an expiration date. If a child is bullied, they will do what you ask, but when they are old enough to respond, threats will not do.

Therefore, let us become aware of our words, the way and the way in which we express ourselves. If our son respects us,It will always be for love, not for screaming.

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