Nicolas and the magic room. Story to teach children to share

Nicolas and the magic room. Story to teach children to share

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Most children have a hard time sharing their things. That is why stories like this one come in handy, 'Nicolas and the magic room', a story to teach children to share, and why the value of generosity is important.

Discover Nicolás, the protagonist of this short story, and why at first he did not want to play with his friends.

Nicolás was a capricious child. He was used to throwing tantrums to get all the toys and gifts he wanted. In addition, he did not like to share, he preferred to show off his new acquisitions to the rest of the children.

It was for this that his family wanted to teach him a lesson. When he was seven years old, they discovered the family secret: in the corridor of the second floor of the home a staircase appeared that led to a magical room. In it were all the toys in the world. Nicolás could play in it whenever he wanted. But there was one condition: I couldn't talk about her with anyone, because if I did the magic room and the toys would disappear.

Nicolás couldn't be happier. He spent every afternoon in the magic room discovering his new toys. But as the days passed he was getting tired of pressing buttons, cheer on the dolls and hit the ball without anyone returning it.

Now, instead of playing games, I spent the afternoons looking out the window of the magic room seeing how the other children all played together in the park. I saw them racing, enjoying the swings, going on adventures with their bicycles… That seemed like fun.

The days passed but Nicolás could not decide to leave the magic room. And it was on Christmas Eve that she realized that she had forgotten when it was the last time she had laughed. Through the window of the magic room I saw the rest of the children laugh and it was then that he understood that the best gift was not toys, but having friends with whom he could laugh.

Nicolás left the magic room forever and ever since he only occasionally asked for a toy to play with the rest of his friends.

Will your child have understood the message of this short story? Find out asking him some reading comprehension questions:

1. Did Nicolás like to leave his things to others?

2. What did your parents give you?

3. Did Nicolás have a good time with so many toys?

4. Why wasn't Nicolás happy?

5. What did Nicolás choose in the end: to stay in the room or go out to play with the other children?

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