Recycling bowling game. Crafts for kids

Recycling bowling game. Crafts for kids

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If your children's favorite activity is bowling, they will love this original craft. Learn how to make your own bowling game using pots of liquid yogurt.

Recycling crafts are fun entertainment for children that also teaches them to take care of nature. Make homemade toys with recycled materials to play with children.


  • 6 empty and clean plastic yogurt jars
  • Red masking tape
  • Flesh-colored paint
  • Black marker
  • Polystyrene balls
  • Plastic eyes
  • Number stickers of different colors
  • Pair of scissors
  • Glue

1. Wash and dry a bottle of liquid yogurt well, and place a strip of red tape around it in the center.

2. Paint a Styrofoam ball flesh-colored and let it dry.

3. Glue the plastic eyes onto the ball and draw the mouth with a black marker.

4. Glue the ball to the boat, and make up to 6 pins to play!

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