Eat lunch or 'tupperware' at school

Eat lunch or 'tupperware' at school

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Eating at school is a necessity for most families who do not have time to pick up their children to take them home to eat and then accompany them back to school. However, the school cafeteria menu has always been a controversial topic for children, as most do not like school food and parents complain about its high price. So I wonder if eating lunch at school could end these two problems in one fell swoop.

In many schools, this year children will be able to bring their food in the lunch box from home and eat it in the school dining room without any problem. In this way, on the one hand the children will taste the dishes that mom or dad cook for them and their parents will save the average € 90 that the school canteen costs monthly. Of course, the price of the shopping basket and the work in the kitchen will increase due to the anticipation that the family has to do to organize the next day's meal.

It is true that eating lunch at work has become a necessity for many parents trying to save the money it costs to eat out. Therefore, if we parents have to prepare our meal the next day to go to work, it is not difficult for us to do a little more so that the children also take theirs to school.

Some critical voices defend that taking the lunch box to school will allow many parents to know what their children really eat. Some mothers of poor eaters say that with the lunch box they make sure that their child eats and those with obese or overweight children will be reassured knowing that the child is not going to consume more chips than they should because they do not have them on the shelf. lunch box.

For many, the fact that the lunch box is optional opens up a range of possibilities for everyone for the freedom to choose and choose the way to feed the children in their day to day at school. The traditional model of the school canteen system continues to work the same for those who want to continue with it, but now it offers a range of possibilities for those who prefer to stop using it or use it in a timely manner.

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