The broom and the dustpan. Children's story about the importance of teamwork

The broom and the dustpan. Children's story about the importance of teamwork

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This precious short story, The broom and the dustpan, it is perfect to talk with our children about values ​​such as humility, effort or collaboration.

It tells the story of a smug broom who thought her job was more important than that of a quiet dustpan and believed she didn't need him at all until ... the wind insisted on showing her otherwise. A beautiful children's story about the importance of teamwork.

In the garden of the house, cornered behind a container, hidden from the sight of the curious, were a dustpan and a broom. The broom was tremendously haughty, always showing off and strutting in front of the dustpan.

- My job is much more important than yours. There is no one who disputes it! - repeated over and over again the conceited broom.

One night, it was very windy and the next morning all the dry leaves and branches of the trees were found all over the garden.

The broom immediately got up and began to sweep, stiff and proud, all the leaves and branches scattered on the ground, making a great heap; but not being able to collect them to put them in the container, he left them there.

- Do you want me to help you? - said the dustpan, offering his help to the broom despite all his slights.

The broom, which was very proud, looking at him with contempt, did not deign to answer him.

That night the wind came back, and all the leaves flew across the garden again, spoiling yesterday's work.

The broom stretched out as far as it could in front of the dustpan and, again, began to sweep up all the dry leaves, piling them up in the most hidden part of the garden, hoping that the same thing would not happen again.

- Need help? - said the picker, again.

As if she were deaf, the broom did not answer and went to her corner to sleep.

That night, the wind whipped even harder than the previous days and leaves, dry branches, papers and plastics flew everywhere, leaving the garden very dirty.

The broom, desperate, looked at the dustpan who, this time, looked away.

She began to sweep again, head down and thoughtful. When he had piled up all the garbage, he asked the dustpan for help.

- Can you help me please? I'm never going to finish cleaning the garden without your help, ”he admitted for the first time humbly.

Between the broom and the dustpan they threw all the leaves into the container, which was waiting for them with the lid open, leaving the garden very clean. Finally, the broom had to admit that one without the other could not carry out their work well, and that the two together, formed a great team.

Promote the pleasure of reading in your children with these beautiful stories, you can also test their ability to read comprehension by asking them these questions:

- What two elements of the house are the protagonists of this story?

- Which of the two had enormous pride and bragged all the time?

- What happened every night after the broom swept?

- What conclusion did the broom come to?

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