My baby sleeps a lot, is it normal?

My baby sleeps a lot, is it normal?

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Most of us parents get distressed during the first months of the baby's life because they sleep only a few hours at a time. We become obsessed with the time when the baby stops taking little naps throughout the day and enjoys a night of at least 6 hours of sleep.

Well, there are also parents who worry that their babies sleep a lot. On our site we explain why your baby sleeps more than normal.

To sleep, like many other things, you also learn. They are routines that we are acquiring, thus regulating the sleep and wake cycles. When the baby is born, he can sleep between 16 and 20 hours a day, which seems like a lot, but when he does it in small naps, it becomes difficult for you to have a conciliatory sleep.

As the baby grows, he is able to sleep more and more hours at night and less during the day, depending on his ability to space his nutritional needs more and more.

But, What happens when the baby is sleeping too much for his age?What about a nursing baby who sleeps through the night without waking up for feedings?

The reality is that a baby needs to sleep many hours, and, if he is very sleepy, you can count up to 20 hours of total sleep, so, unless your baby never wakes up, not even to eat, you should not worry at all . On the contrary, you will be the envy of your friends and neighbors.

Of course, if you consider that too many hours pass between feedings and it costs you a lot to wake up your baby, it may be due to:

- It is going through a phase of accelerated growth: some children have growth spurts, and this prompts them to take much longer naps. Some babies go through several periods of sleep, and sometimes their naps can last longer because they are developing, their body expends more energy and needs to recover it.

- The baby is teething: Although tooth eruption makes children more irascible, restless and upset, it may happen that they have a harder time falling asleep during the day and their naps are shorter. But at night, you feel more tired, sleepy, and need more sleep than usual.

- Suffer from any disease it is also a reason for children to sleep more. When the baby is feverish or unwell, his body needs extra rest to fight the illness. The child may be down and sleepy. In any case, if he is too tired from an illness, do not hesitate to consult your pediatrician.

- Do you receive too much stimulation during the day? Perhaps excessive visits from friends and family or keeping the baby, for whatever reason, awake for many hours, makes later, you need to make up for lost time and make longer and deeper dreams despite being hungry.

In the event that your baby never wakes up by himself to eat, for no apparent reason for it, it is convenient that you consult your pediatrician for an evaluation.

Unless the pediatrician recommends otherwise, it is preferable to let him sleep. Of course, if many hours have passed between feedings and it is a newborn baby, it is important to keep him hydrated so in these cases it is advisable not only to wake up but also to check his diaper to see if he is urinating, which means that it has good hydration.

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