Fish Kebabs. Easy recipes to teach children to eat healthy

Fish Kebabs. Easy recipes to teach children to eat healthy

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Fish is a natural source of proteins, vitamins and minerals; especially proteins, whose biological value is high; In other words, it contains all those essential substances (amino acids) that our body cannot generate on its own and it needs us to provide it with a good diet.

Keep in mind that the most necessary nutrients for the growth and development of your children are proteins. Therefore, from our site, we teach you how to prepare a easy fish recipe for kids. It is about fish skewers, made with cod. They are very appetizing and you can make them grilled or barbecued.


  • 2 loins of cod to the point of salt
  • Oil
  • Parsley
  • Pepper (optional)

1. Prepare the wooden sticks to make skewers. Dice the cod (make sure they are thick so they don't fall apart when cooked) and remove the skin. Add a dash of oil, parsley and pepper.

2. Let it rest for about 10 minutes and begin to prick the cod cubes carefully on the wooden sticks.

3. You can cook the skewers on the grill or barbecue over a medium high heat. You can also use other types of fish, such as salmon; or other white fish with a consistent texture such as grouper.

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