Urination calendar for children to control night pee

Urination calendar for children to control night pee

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Infant enuresis occurs when the child repeatedly and constantly urinates in bed at night at an age when he should already control nocturnal urination, which is usually at 5 years in girls and 6 in boys.

There are different methods to help the child not wet the bed at night, one of them consists of developing a urination calendar to help children control night pee. It is a very useful and simple way to follow the progress of the child and to have him participate in the process. You can also use it if your child is in the process of ditching the night diaper.

This urination calendar is of great help to combat infantile enuresis or simply to help your child remove the diaper at night. And it is that, through the calendar you will see which days the child wets the diaper and which days he has gotten up dry. In addition, you can relate the days when he peed at night with times when he is more active, has drunk more fluids or is more tired.

The voiding calendar is very easy to use. You just have to click on it, print it and place it in a visible place in the child's room. The child has to sleep in diapers during this process. Each morning you will draw a starfish if the diaper was dry and a jellyfish if the diaper was wet.

It is preferable that the child is the one who draws on the voiding calendar and sees his progress himself.

The voiding calendar has to be used with other types of methods, all of them very simple to put into practice, they are these:

- Patience: Controlling pee at night is not an easy thing for some children, either because they have hereditary bed wetting or are going through the process of leaving the diaper at night, the ideal is to be patient and wait. Your son is going to get it! In the case of enuresis, it may take months before you can control your urine at night.

- Positive reinforcement: You should praise every little achievement, even if the diaper is damp in the morning but not as deep as on other occasions, it should be a cause for celebration.

- Do not punish or scold him: the enuresis child does not pee because he wants to in bed, it is immaturity so it is enough problem for him to know that he still has to wear a diaper at night.

- Avoid abundant fluid intake: avoid that after dinner the child continues to drink water and do not put a glass on his table during the learning process.

- Control whenever you do pee before bed and thus empty your bladder.

- Constancy is your great ally, do not let a single day go by without completing the urination calendar so that your child can control the night pee.

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