Tricks to take photos of children

Tricks to take photos of children

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Children are magical and they give you unique snapshots, no matter how old they are. The best photos of children are always taken outdoors, with natural light and as spontaneous as possible. The photographer Olga Cola He gives some advice to parents, because they are photographs that they can take anywhere.

If it is true that good photographic equipment and the mastery of Photoshop have long been, but apart from that, today practically all of us have cameras to portray our routine, trips, family, personal events, etc., following some tips , you can get to get wonderful snapshots.

1 - Do not force the children to pose. It is best to photograph them in their environment and doing normal or daily activities. The most important thing is that they feel like they are participating in a game, relaxed and without pressure. Photography will gain in naturalness.

2 - The right angle. One of the best angles for photographing children is to get level with them. For this reason, it is best if you feel comfortable and sit on the floor.

3 - Use the zoom. It serves to bring the image closer to what we want to photograph. Do not take photos of large spaces to portray children, you will lose expressiveness.

4 - Cuts and frames. The child does not always have to come out completely. The lens of the photo (child) can be cut on either side, it does not always have to be in the center of the photo.

5 - Flash. With children it is better to do without the flash. The flash of light usually scares them and its light impact forces them to change the expression of the face. If you are outside in natural light, you will not need a flash. At home, make use of ambient lighting so you don't have to use the flash.

6 - Imagination and creativity. Be creative, the established is not always the only ideal. Taking photos from the bottom up, from the top down or with air spaces (rest of the image other than the child) brings something different to the snapshot.

7 - Light and color. The best moment of natural light is when the sun is not zenith, that is, right in the middle of the sky. Natural light in photos is most beautiful when taken first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon.

8 - The ideal moment. Children often have eating and sleeping times, and therefore are in a better or worse mood at certain times. Ideally, take photos when they have woken up from a nap or after eating. It is important that they feel comfortable.

9 - Entertainment. Having objects that children like is recommended to entertain them during the photo session. Their favorite toys or something that is somewhere that they like a lot helps to help the development of the session.

10 - Looks at the camera. If you want the children to look at the camera, you simply have to talk to them, ask them something or ask them to show you something. The lens will get your full attention.

11 - Babies and newborns. To photograph very small babies, the ideal is to place them in some way and somewhere that they can be comfortable or on someone's lap (without that person being completely in the photo).

12 - Clothing and accessories. If it is true that the child's clothing contributes something. It all depends on the effect you want to achieve and the taste of each parent. I recommend colors according to the place where the snapshots are taken.

All these tips also serve to take photos indoors with children, not just outdoors. And, of course, patience is essential.

Olga Cola
Professional Photographer
Specialized in family photography, children and babies
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