Autumn crafts for children. Autumn calendar

Autumn crafts for children. Autumn calendar

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Autumn comes to many countries. It is the ideal time to walk in the field, park or garden, collect dry leaves, recycle them, and mount a most autumnal chandelier.

How many good walks can we do with the little ones in autumn! One of them could be to a park, a garden, or the field, to show them the nuances that nature gives us in this season. Also, you can kick lots of dry leaves, fill your hands with them and make them rain on you, and why not, collect some (something that children love), take them home, and when they have a little time, help your little hands to make a beautiful autumnal chandelier that our site shows you, step by step.

You do not need to be an artist to assemble this chandelier. Nor will you need a large financial contribution to do so. To assemble this chandelier you will only need:

1. dried leaves of different shades

2. A piece of cardboard for the base of the candlestick

3. A pencil

4. Scissors and glue

5. Some large round or square candles.

6. Some nuts like walnuts, acorns and pineapples. That is optional.

With this warm, original and simple chandelier you can decorate the center of a table or some corner of your home.

Another alternative that can be made with the dried leaves of autumn is a bouquet of autumn flowers. With just a few folded in the leaves, you can make a very original bouquet of roses, full of light. Another delicious proposal for an autumn afternoon, with the children.

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