Why tell a bedtime story to the child

Why tell a bedtime story to the child

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Telling a bedtime story to children is a very rewarding and happy time for both parents and children.

The stories have many benefits, the first and most important is the emotional bond that is created between the two parties, we will also make them feel more secure and increase their self-esteem by feeling more loved and having our full attention.

In addition to creating a rapprochement and strengthening the affective bond between parents and children, telling stories to children before bed brings other benefits for children's development:

- Improves concentration
Telling a story is not limited to simply reading, it is much better if we stage them, if we raise or lower the tone of voice, change it for the different characters, laugh or cry, in this way, we will surely capture much more the attention of the most little ones.

- They transmit values
Children identify with the characters and situations in the stories that we tell them, so the story is an ideal medium for them to learn values. If we also make them personalized, we can also help them resolve conflicts that they would not otherwise know how to deal with.

- Improves reading comprehension
The story will awaken their curiosity, they will ask questions to which they will seek answers, it will promote the habit and interest in reading, In addition, children will increase their vocabulary, they will learn to concentrate more easily and they will know how to listen, which will lead them to have a better reading comprehension, all very important factors in their learning.

- Stimulate the imagination
We can invite them to choose between several stories according to what they want, and to invent and create different endings. If there is something that stimulates the imagination and fantasy of children, that is the stories, because in them everything we want can happen and we can unleash our creativity by spending very fun and rewarding moments.

We have already discussed that the stories in poetry, Due to their musicality, they are an important weapon in children's learning, that is why we should never leave aside children's poetry. I leave you a poetry recreating this moment.


I only wear pajamas

and when dad arrives,

i'm lying on the bed

willing to listen.

A story every night

always comes to tell me,

a different story

When we finish the story

we always turn off the light,

What I love the most is you!

For all that has been said, if we tell our children stories at bedtime, they will associate it with having a good time, it will be very gratifying for them, they will sleep better and they will surely think: 'It is a happy time to go to bed. sleep'.

And to finish I leave you a phrase from JR. Tolkien.

"The story is a source of magic and pleasure, and fantasy a legitimate right of every human being."

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