Why are baby walkers so dangerous?

Why are baby walkers so dangerous?

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Walkers, walkers, taca-taca ... we all know what they are and what they are used for. But ... are they good? Why don't pediatricians want them to be used more?

We explain why many hospitals around the world promote information campaigns against the use of the walker or 'taca taca' in babies.

In some countries like United States or Costa Rica they are considering legally restricting the use of baby walkers and even banning their manufacture. The reason: the dangers they pose to children when they start to walk. These are the disadvantages of using the call colloquially as taca-taca:

1. Falls. The main reason is the danger posed by the walker for the baby. In fact, walkers increase the risk of head trauma. In the United States alone, more than 8,000 babies are cared for annually for falls and walker-related injuries.

2. Burns. In some cases, walkers burn children's legs. The reason is the constant rubbing on the legs and the baby's delicate skin.

3. It hinders psychomotor development. The initial goal of the walker is to give the child security when he begins to walk. However, the (proven) result is that it hinders the baby's psychomotor development. In fact, it can delay the start of the march.

4. Postural problems. This has been studied a lot: children who use a walker have postural problems related to the position in which they had to move (legs apart and slightly arched) when they first learned to walk.

5. It hinders crawling. Undoubtedly, the walker hinders a very beneficial ability for the baby: crawling. It is just at that stage when babies use a walker that they should be crawling to develop skills and abilities such as improving eye focus and brain lateralization.

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