The frog in love. Children's poem about love

The frog in love. Children's poem about love

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What is love? What does it feel like when you are in love? These are questions that our children can ask us and, the answer can be so big and / or so small, that it is difficult for us to give them the most accurate solution to their doubts.

If you are left blank with a question like this from your children, you can resort to this Children's poem about love, The little frog in love. A little frog in love with a frog that is neither the most beautiful in the whole pond nor stands out from the rest, but for him there is only one and she is the only one he wants to be with.

Near a pond

a little frog sings,

to fall in love

a one-armed frog.

Although she is cute

it seems beautiful to him,

he likes his spots

and his greenish skin.

It inflates like a balloon

changes its color,

croa jumping

around it.

But the little frog

she's distracted

playing in the river

don't even look.

The little frog insists

croaking louder

and around him

keep dancing.

The little frog looks

and sees it red,

knows that the frog

he is in love.

Finally the little frog

pay attention,

croaking away

jumping the two.

Nursery rhymes like this help children to get into the love of reading poems. You can also do these other things:

- Choose poems with themes that your children like, whether they are about animals or funny poems.

- Read the poem with a lot of emphasis, as you do with stories, after all, they are small stories in verse.

- Buy or take children's poetry books from the library and leave them at your fingertips.

- Put together little theaters in which these stories are represented in verse

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