The superman boy who beat Michael Phelps's record with effort and determination

The superman boy who beat Michael Phelps's record with effort and determination

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Have you ever heard of Michael Phelps? He is not a prime minister, nor a rock star, he is an elite athlete, a swimmer, one of the best of all time. He is the idol of thousands of children around the world. A young man who achieved what no one had achieved before, being the highest medalist in an Olympic games.

But do you remember the popular saying that no matter how well you do it, there will always be someone who does it better? Well, this has proven the child superman, a little boy of 10 years, who has broken the record of Michael Phelps with effort and determination.

Michael Phelps is one of the most important swimmers the sport has produced in all of history. His career was unstoppable as a child when he began to break records throughout the United States. However, all athletes know that, sooner or later, someone else will come and beat your record. But can you imagine who took it from Michael Phelps? He has not been another seasoned swimmer in hundreds of championships, he has been a boy who goes by the prophetic name Clark Kent, is a 10-year-old superman who

Phelps held the record for the 100-meter butterfly at the Far West International Championship for 23 years, a children's championship in which athletes from different disciplines are put to the test, including swimming. Well, little Clark Kent, nicknamed how could it be otherwise "superman", has managed to beat his time. Phels's mark was 1:10:48 and Clark's is down to 1:09:38.

This is the first time we have heard of him but perhaps not the last because he intends to follow in the footsteps of his idol, the athlete with the most Olympic medals of all time.

Clark Kent had a goal, to compete and win, and two very good values: effort and determination. Although competition in many cases is reviled, in others it can teach children a lot.

Here's what kids learn from competing whether in soccer, basketball, fencing or karate tournaments:

- Competition drives them to learn faster and to go up levels progressively. They have a goal on the horizon and they work hard to achieve it.

- Children they learn to strive, develop this value as a goal to achieve success.

- Competing teaches them to face risks.

- Promotes trust and security in oneself.

- They are not afraid to compete with others, The fear of competing is very common in childhood, many children do not play for fear of losing and make competition more terrifying than it really is.

- Competitive sport teaches children to get up and try again when things don't go their way.

- They learn to accept defeatsDespite having worked and having made an effort, they therefore work on resilience, the ability to overcome life's obstacles.

- Children learn to play by the rules and to develop strategies that allow them to use those rules to get the maximum advantage over others.

- Racing is fun: Children enjoy competing, being part of a team, making friends, and above all, learning to see competition as something positive and fun is good for their learning.

- Stimulates self-esteem: children who have a small or great talent and have to work hard to maintain a good result feel good. If they don't win they learn to recover and if they win they learn that effort and perseverance make you better.

- According to several studies, athletic children do better in school. What's more, high school students who play sports are less likely to drop out of school and fall into bad company, drugs, or other dangers.

- The competition teaches children to commit to something, to not start and abandon activities without stopping. They develop consistency and the habit of commitment to keep going.

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