9 outdated and dangerous grandparent remedies for kids

According to one study, grandparents use some outdated methods and remedies when caring for their grandchildren. That is, they use the same home remedies that their parents used on them and perhaps their parents' parents. However, science today has advanced enough to alert us that some of these remedies endanger children.

These are the 9 outdated and dangerous grandparent remedies for children.

One of the best things about growing up with grandparents is receiving their unconditional affection, their boundless love and a patience that parents often lack. There are many of us who trust them to take care of our children when we have to go to work after maternity leave or during long vacations from school.

We know that children are in the best hands and, although there are things that we do not really like, what they contribute is much greater.

However, a study presented to the American Pediatric Societies in 2017 revealed that some grandparents' remedies are outdated and can be dangerous to children. According to the research, grandparents assume they have enough experience to be able to apply the methods they used with their children in their day, with their grandchildren today. Because ... nothing ever happened.

1- Laying the baby face down- According to the study, a quarter of the grandparents surveyed did not know that babies are placed on their backs today, because sleeping on their stomachs is linked to sudden death syndrome. They learned that this was done in case the baby vomited and they maintain this habit, despite the fact that today it is the main cause of death among babies between 1 month and 1 year old.

2- Clean the eyes with chamomile: It was a very common custom in the past, but it is not the best thing that grandparents can do if their children have irritated eyes, excessive blemishes or conjunctivitis. But, chamomile is not a sterile product, even if it is made with boiled water, it has plant remains that can irritate the eyes and there is no scientific evidence that chamomile cures an eye infection. It is preferable to resort to the eye drops recommended by the pediatrician.

3- Heat a cloth and place it in the ear to treat otitis: This is one of the remedies that I applied myself a few months ago, following the advice of the child's grandmother. What I got? That the child had a perforated eardrum because the heat dilated the inflammation and caused the rupture of the tympanic membrane. The child, of course, ended up with an antibiotic prescribed by the doctor and the recommendation not to apply heat again in the event of an earache.

4- Alcohol for toothache: Have you kept a bit of gin, whiskey or some liquor in your mouth, swishing before a toothache? It was a very common practice in the days of our grandmothers, but this practice is not effective. Yes, alcohol fights bacteria but not enough to cure an infection in the mouth nor does it work as a local anesthetic.

5- Ice bath to lower fever: Parents today have other pediatric recommendations to treat high fever. In principle, do not lower it if it does not exceed 38.5┬║ because until then it is low-grade fever and it is a response that the body applies to eliminate viruses. But, in case the fever is very high, we cannot subject the children to an icy bath that would suppose a huge contrast and unnecessary suffering for them. The recommendation is to bathe it with water that is not very hot and warm it up little by little.

6- Toothpaste for burns: When faced with a burn, it should not be covered with a cloth, since it can stick to the skin, nor should toothpaste be applied, which can cause infections and even more injuries to the child's skin.

7- Mud in case of wasp sting: definitely not, cool or cold water in the area and, if the pediatrician sees you, he may recommend an antihistamine to avoid complications.

8- A child who eats a lot is equal to a healthy child: Surely you have faced the insistence of the grandmother who, time and time again wants to fill your plate because it seems to her that you are in the bones and that health depends on eating a lot.

9- Dipping the pacifier in different substances: be it anise, sugar, condensed milk ... What happened? That the child would stop crying and relax at the new taste before them. If you mention it to a grandmother, they may tell you "this has been done all my life and nothing happens". Sure? Well, this does nothing but cause cavities.

Pediatric associations and health experts advise grandparents to open up to new ways of thinking and adopt current health, nutrition or discipline methods.

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