Why not excessively prolong the use of the stroller in children

Why not excessively prolong the use of the stroller in children

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During the first years of a child's life, adults generally use the stroller in children as a means of transporting the little one. This means of transport is the most comfortable method for parents to move their child from one place to another. Therefore, its use gives adults much more independence when running errands. But, What happens when it is prolonged to ages when the child already walks without problems?

Another advantage of the baby stroller is that the movements will be made faster, and they will be able to take better advantage of the time, and it gives parents peace of mind that they control the child's movements all the time.

However, the child will gradually become autonomous and the time will come when he does not need the stroller. Your "abandonment" will largely depend on your evolution and when you begin to walk safely. There is no specific age for the child to leave the stroller, but there are factors that will indicate the moment.

Prolonging the use of the stroller has advantages for adults, but we must consider that for the little one, on the other hand, it produces many disadvantages.

And it is that no child should spend more time than necessary in the stroller. Doing so can produce declines in the child's development such as:

- Slow down muscle development and motor coordination.

- Produces a sedentary lifestyle associated with the chair, which promotes childhood obesity. It is not produced only by the use of the cart, but it is a habit that, accompanied by unhealthy eating and lack of sleep, can produce it.

- It impairs the posture of the back.

- Limits your independence.

Therefore, it is convenient for parents to stimulate the physical development of children and, therefore, it is important that the little ones begin to walk at the rhythm of adults at the moment that they are evolutionarily prepared to achieve the autonomy they need.

There is no age limit for the use of the stroller, but it is convenient that when the child begins to take the first steps, they begin to get him out of the stroller so that he can gain freedom in his movements, stability, coordination, and begin to explore.

The first steps of children depend on the evolutionary characteristics that each one has, but it will be over 3 years generally when they usually have enough autonomy to stop using the stroller.

This will be the moment when the little one can explore with his other senses everything that he observed from the chair. You can use touch, smell, or taste to explore and discover new things in different ways. This represents a great advance for the maturation of the cognitive and neurological system.

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