Robots for the summer. A children's story about the future

Robots for the summer. A children's story about the future

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The inventiveness of children is incredible. Are able to imagine a different future which we adults envision for them, since the conception of the future is something that we learn during our growth.

For children, the future is today, and they are not able to imagine something that is distant in time, so why not go ahead and start building the future today? ...

Robots for the summer is a children's story about the future and ingenious inventions.

The little ones heard their parents talk about their future. What would they study, what would they like, what opportunities would they have ... And although they all agreed that the most important thing was that they were happy, they did not stop being concerned about their training. However, the children, who were almost always smarter than their parents, knew that the future was already here and for them it was no mystery.

This is how the little ones of the house decided to dedicate part of the summer vacation to build a robot. They looked for screws, cables, nuts, metal parts ... and they took over Grandpa's garage, the house where they all spent the summer together.

Mario decided to build a fast robot with recycled materials (the grandmother was very happy to see how her garbage was reduced). And the thing is, what Mario liked the most was running and he planned to spend August afternoons racing with his new friend, 'Robotoz'.

Maria was always dancing. For this reason, her robot, which she painted pink and would call 'Singrobot', relied on careful vocal and acoustic programming to reproduce the girl's favorite songs. In addition, María helped the smallest of the family, Matilda, to design what would be her baby robot, 'Lloronbot'.

Marcos, who was the oldest of all the cousins, chose to make a robot that he called "Sapiens." I intended with him to be able to make all kinds of queries so that I always have answer to give To the elderly. Also, you could use it in the next course to help you do your homework.

Everyone had a really fun summer cooling off in the river and building and playing with their new robots. And, most importantly, they showed their moms and dads that they knew how to learn by playing and that the future for them was nothing more than an extension of the present.

If you want to know if your child has understood the text, ask these simple reading comprehension questions.

- What did parents want their children to be in the future?

- What did the children build for the future?

- What was Matilda's robot doing?

- What would you like to be in the future?

- How do you imagine the future?

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