Is your child afraid? Help him overcome them - III

Is your child afraid? Help him overcome them - III

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Although at first it seems so difficult to help the little ones in the house to overcome their fears, with the passage of time you will see that all the effort will come to good results, from when we face their fears at their side, and we do not ignore them or them let's put aside.

When parents notice that some fear has come to their child, they should get involved to help the little one. They should never take their fears or worries lightly. Fear can turn into something more serious if we don't give them a hand. Therefore, it is also important to know some tips about what we should NOT do to our children when they feel fear:

1- Do not make fun of your son

Don't belittle their feelings or their emotions. Fear causes insecurity, mistrust, and fear of the child. If in those moments the child feels that he is not understood by his parents, and that apart from that they do not believe him, his fears will grow like a snowball and can turn into phobias.

2- Do not stay away from your son if he is afraid

A child cannot face his fears alone. First, because he does not understand them, and secondly, because he will need a positive reference, trust, encouragement and drive. To combat their fears, the child has to feel understood, protected, and supported.

3- Don't ignore your child's fears

When your child shows some kind of fear, don't ignore it. If he does not show interest in his feelings, the child will feel alone, and will allow himself to be overcome by his fears.

4- Do not give wings to your child's fears

If you notice that your child's fears, although with your help, are interfering in his daily life, seek professional support. When fears already prevent the child from leading a normal life, it is advisable to seek psychological support. It is important to eradicate your fears at once. Remember that fears are always there and for everyone, and only if we allow it, they can become a torment in our lives.

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