Black wolf Children's poetry about fear

Black wolf Children's poetry about fear

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To young children they love short poems and rhymes, because it helps them focus more on what they hear. Rhyming poems attract a lot more attention, so they are great for getting messages across.

On this occasion, we share with you this nursery rhyme about fear. It's called 'Black Wolf', and it's great to ask a series of questions afterward to improve your reading comprehension.

With two years black wolf

play jogging in the park,

goes after the rabbits,

of hares and moose.

Without thinking black wolf

swim across the wide river,

faces without fear

ravenous crocodiles.

Not elephants, not hippos,

neither snakes nor snakes,

black wolf ignores fear,

he doesn't know why he feels.

A winter morning

a stealthy lion,

to a wolf between its jaws

seriously injured.

Black wolf approaching

he met his mother

and for the first time fear,

for love he recognized.

Help your child improve his attention by a series of questions that will also help you understand what you just heard. History tells us what things the wolf was not afraid of and what it was afraid of. Reflect with your child about it.

  • What is the name of the wolf in the story?
  • What did the little wolf like to do?
  • What animals was the wolf not afraid of?
  • Who was the wolf afraid of?

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