Saint Augustine Day, August 28, Names for children

Saint Augustine Day, August 28, Names for children

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Agustín is a name for a boy of Latin origin derived from Augustus and, therefore, with the same meaning as 'consecrated by the augurs'. A revered, illustrious and respected name since ancient Rome that will be perfect for your child. Although it is not one of the most frequent names today, its use is not strange but familiar and is widely accepted. Celebrate your name day on August 28, what is the St. Augustine's day. It is also celebrated on January 11 or May 7.

Because of the meaning of his name, Agustín has a charismatic personality, full of talent and an alert intelligence. His strong and determined character but at the same time friendly, makes Agustín a true leader. In addition, Agustín is surrounded by respect and dignity, something that favors him in the professional field.

The name Agustín is known in all languages. We have the variants in Catalan, Agustí, in Italian Agostino and in English Austin. Although the one that seems most attractive to us is the Welsh form Awstin. Its diminutive Agus is also widely used and, in any case, it is a name loaded with historical connotations that make it ideal for your child.

The name of your son is found both in great personalities and in places of interest such as the city of the state of Texas called Austin. In Italy it was very frequent as a name and as a surname and that is how we know the painter Agostino Caracci.

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