How much time should children spend reviewing in summer

How much time should children spend reviewing in summer

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And with the heat comes the long-awaited and well-deserved summer vacation. Yes, expected and deserved by everyone, young and old, moms, dads, teachers and students. Many families ask me about how much time children should spend in summer review. On our site we answer this question.

How long should children review in summer? Well, as a general rule I would say nothing; that almost 10 months of school attendance, with, sometimes, those long hours, is more than enough time for work and daily effort; that now homework and review should be free play, moments of, time to share with family and friends.

But it is also true that break radically with the school routine, in some cases it would not help to start the year in which the child feels more confident and secure; Because if you do not completely ignore academics, re-acquiring routine will be less expensive.

The review time will depend on each situation:

  • A child who has failed a subject and the rest passes them with some difficulty, it would be advisable to spend more time than another student, who passed everything.
  • We must also take into account children who have more desire to learn than others, and demand more knowledge; In this case we will not triple times, but we can offer them more moments in which these tasks or knowledge can be more accessible.

Facing the summer period, it is important to set a routine, For example, that this moment of review is always done in the morning after breakfast, in addition the areas can be set by days, that is, Monday and Wednesday we will review mathematics, Tuesday and Thursday will be the time for language and on Friday the child will be able to choose what you want to review.

On the weekend we can leave it on break or in some cases we can include reading, which teachers usually recommend, but always if there is an attitude on the part of the minor, otherwise we will be helping them to reject that activity.

Now I am going to suggest some general working times, but as I said before, each case is unique. From oldest to smallest:

  • Boys and girls of approximately 12 years of age, may be around sixty minute review.
  • If we have children who have 10 years, may be around the 45 minutes.
  • In the event that they have Eight years, some are recommended 30 minutes a day.
  • The boys and girls of 6 years old, may be about 15-20 minutes. At this age, if they have already started in the reading-writing process, it is convenient to continue it, as I said before, to help them start the course with more acquired tools.

It is important not to forget the flexibility in complianceBy this I mean that sometimes days arise when it is impossible or complicated to spend time to review, and therefore nothing happens and please do not fall into the temptation to accumulate time to recover.

The selection of the task to review is also important. Apart from the purely academic and curricular, I recommend another series of tasks that, if we stimulate and work, help to better fix the contents, and I am talking about the basic psychological processes: how are the attention that we can work with games of finding differences , with memory-type games we enhance memory, looking for equal silhouettes we enhance perception and here my dear emotions also come into play, we can work with stories like "The Color Monster".

Remember that vacation refers to the absence of work; I'm going to give you an example: imagine that on your vacation you have your boss every day remembering that you have to review the emails you have sent, re-read the minutes of the meetings, rebuild a table or in my case to redo some evaluations and their consequent reports, it would be terrible !! Well, sometimes it is how we make our sons and daughters feel, and also bear in mind that we are not their bosses, we are their mother or father.

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