Why it's important not to do ANYTHING on family vacations

Why it's important not to do ANYTHING on family vacations

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When you have two, three, four ... children, or even just one, and you also have to combine their education and care with your own work, your own health problems, your lack of time, your partner, housework, your errands , etc, etc ... it is not easy to organize.

But have you ever put yourself in the shoes of your children? Every day, and at all hours, they are living and having to accompany the rush and all the commitments of their parents, and yours. Now to school, now to eat, now homework, now sports, birthdays…. Buffff ……. Thank goodness there are holidays !! And it is important not to do anything on family vacations.

When you have children, especially when they are young, the holidays come and the desire we have is to throw ourselves on the sofa and do absolutely nothing. That has happened to me. I was lazy even looking for trips to go as a family. And I love to travel, huh? However, we are going to put a drop of realism to that. We are all tired, exhausted from working, studying ... and so many other obligations and commitments. Why don't we choose to do NOTHING on family vacations? Yes, nothing at all, at least for part of the vacation.

And what does it mean to do nothing? Well, not do anything that requires effort or work. We are going to do only what we want. Sunbathing, playing in the pool, playing ball, doing crafts, listening to music, playing karaoke, reading and telling stories, watching TV, a movie, playing cards, riding a bike, visiting museums, going to the parks, doing something different in the kitchen, everyone sleeping in the living room, staying in their pajamas for a whole day… there is so much to do to justify doing nothing.

There is too much stress on all sides, in our home, in neighbors, in friends ... a whirlwind to plan and get a perfect vacation, of which we can portray and then share memorable photos of some beautiful place, on social networks , by whatsapp ... And all that ends up leading us and pressing us to go with the flow. Why not swim against this current? If for children, being close to their parents, no matter where it is, is like touching the sky.

Holidays are also for doing nothing. Of course it is an enriching period for children. Going to a camp, for a few days, for example, is an adventure, a learning that contributes a lot to them. The same a family trip. But, in order not to sound so radical about doing nothing, what do you think if you add days without doing anything to your vacation schedule? I believe that everyone, children and parents, will be eternally grateful.

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