10 original gifts for teachers

10 original gifts for teachers

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On these dates, the group of moms and dads from whastsapp the school is fuming. You get lost for an hour if you look at your mobile and there are no less than 50 unread messages. "What if we have a detail with the teacher who has been so good this course." "Well of course". "I'm in". "Me too". "Count on me". "I also".

After the investor round, comes the most complicated part: defining the project. It usually starts with a simple idea: a mug with the names of the boys and girls, some flowers or some bound drawings. But it won't be that easy. The group collapses and, suddenly, what was going to be a thank you detail begins to grow. Now it's time to look for a personalized gift, with which they remember our little ones, and / or something for the teacher to also enjoy.

We leave you a list with 10 original gifts for teachers that every WhatsApp group of parents should have.

It has been a long and hard course in which the whole class has worked hard, learned and grown, and all this thanks to that great teacher who has patiently guided our children through these long terms.

Your effort deserves a reward that reaches their heart, because their work goes beyond teaching curricular subjects: it teaches their students to be people and helps them grow and evolve.

Videos of children saying nice things, framed photos, albums, pendants, plaques, bookmarks, tissues and even aprons with names or student drawings fall into the category of personalized gift. In the other, that of something to enjoy, the spa or cottage vouchers, beauty treatments, jewelery ... It is about giving something that combines smiles, emotion, dedications and memories for a lifetime.

Here we propose some original gift ideas for teachers, at the end of the course. Choose yours.

Bouquet of flowers, personalized mug or box of chocolates: They are the undisputed classics but not for that reason the least successful. For these occasions it is advisable to give sophisticated, modern and elegant bouquets that define the outstanding work of the person to whom it is addressed. In the language of flowers, giving a bouquet of dahlias is a symbol of gratitude: "thank you for your help, for always being by my side."

Personalized story: a book is always a success, and if it is a personalized story, even more so. It is becoming easier to find websites with a multitude of different options for customize adventure that we want our little ones to live with their teachers. A gift that, without a doubt, will delight everyone, and more so if they are in nursery or primary school, because of the attachment they have to stories.

Azu GiftHim: It is the solidary alternative, since behind it there is a noble and helpful cause. With the order of the Blue Gift of any Ong that works for children, you buy a personalized card for the person you want and, in turn, you can choose the gift you want to give to the most needy children: a game kit, a pack of blackboards, blankets, care and hygiene items, water purification tablets of water, deworming pills and a lot of other things. We are sure that teachers will love to join forces with those most in need.

- A handwritten letter from the child: this is a lovely idea. In it our son can express all his gratitude for the time and love received from the teacher throughout the course. You can tell him what it has meant to him, you can thank him for all his effort in transmitting knowledge and values ​​and you can even make suggestions for the teacher to take into account for the next course.

- Personalized cushions, towels and blankets: it is a gift with a lot of feeling. The offer is wide to choose the model that best suits our tastes. If the teacher is more on the beach, you can choose a fun towel with the names of our children stamped. If, on the other hand, it is more mountain, the clearest option is a nice and soft blanket. When in doubt, it is best to opt for the cushion. And if you want to give it a fun touch you can print a teacher cartoon or include photos of our offspring (with the prior consent of all mothers and fathers, of course).

- Personalized clothing or jewelry: without a doubt a gift that leaves a mark to remember. The most common is to bet on shirts printed with the artistic creations of our children. But there are no limits. They can be found from handkerchiefs to bags. As for personalized jewelry, it is a pure trend today. There is no teacher who does not treasure a watch or a bracelet with the names of his students.

- Chest of experiences: there are different brands to choose from. They contain experiences with thousands of activities with prices for all tastes and pockets. A helpful gift, yes, but also very useful, both for the one who gives and for the one who receives it.

- Photoshoot: it's a fun bet. It can be for the teacher to enjoy it with his family or to get the whole class together (this can involve a great deal of coordination and search for free spaces in the parents' agendas so that everyone agrees).

- Assortment of Iberian: if the protagonist is a good dining room, there is nothing like giving him a good kit of acorn-fed Iberian ham or regional products that the little ones know. At this point in the 21st century, we know for good that there are teachers who joke that students give them a ham. Don't leave them wanting!

- Gift voucher: it is a safe setting. The teachers will be happy to receive such a gift and be able to spend it on their needs or desires. There are also different prices and a multitude of stores to fit all pockets.

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