Father's Day recipes to cook with kids

Father's Day recipes to cook with kids

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Father's Day is the most special date for parents, a day to celebrate family love with their children. And in this party the best thing that we can give to parents are these recipes for Father's Day.

Cooking with the kids is always a lot of fun, and they'll be excited if they can collaborate on a special menu for Dad. To spend this party with the family with easy and quick recipes for children.

Father's Day is celebrated on March 19, and commemorates the role of parents in the lives of their children. Since it began to be celebrated in 1910, new traditions have occurred that include giving gifts to parents. For children it is a good occasion to amaze parents with crafts made by them as gifts.

Another option may be to prepare a special menu to celebrate this holiday. That is why we propose some recipes for Father's Day. Recipes for children, that you can prepare with your children and that they collaborate in the kitchen.

But the most important thing on Father's Day is to have fun as a family with these recipes and make it an unforgettable party. Happy day to all the dads!

Lollipops for dad. From our site we want to share with you the recipe for some very special sweets to celebrate Father's Day or Mother's Day. Perfect to accompany the dessert after eating, to brighten up the table or even to give a festive touch to your snack.

Lemon cake for dad. On our site we like to celebrate great occasions and, as Father's Day is coming up, we suggest you get into the kitchen with the children to make a lemon and chocolate cake.

Caramelized apple. Our idea is to prepare some spectacular caramelized apples as a gift for Father's Day. Take note of everything that we explain below because you will love the end result.

Toast of bread with tomato. Lunch or snack should be healthy, especially for children and pregnant women. For this reason, prepare this recipe for whole wheat toast with tomato with fine herbs.

Homemade bread. Homemade bread recipe. our site offers a recipe for homemade bread to make with children. Traditional bread is a food that provides a lot of energy for children.

Yogurt with crackers and nuts. We all know that children's appetites also come through their eyes. This yogurt with cookies and nuts, served in a glass, in addition to a delicious dessert, can perfectly become a hit in the snack of children and pregnant women.

Filled tomatoes. Tomato is a versatile and very common food in the family diet. On this occasion, we offer you the recipe for some light stuffed tomatoes. Vegetable stuffed tomatoes recipe. We tell you everything you need to know to prepare this homemade and healthy recipe.

Tuna and vegetable lasagna. Tuna and vegetable lasagna is an inexpensive and nutritious recipe, a variant of the traditional dish that children like so much. Easy fish lasagna recipe for kids.

Pineapple carpaccio and ice cream. How to make a pineapple carpaccio for children. Ideal recipe for parties and family dinners. It is a good idea to prepare light desserts with fruits, such as this refreshing pineapple carpaccio with ice cream, a healthy recipe for children.

Chicken and goat cheese salad. Quick salad recipe with chicken and goat cheese, a very healthy starter for children. Ideal recipe for celiac children and working mothers.

Father's Day Sandwich. Father's Day is a very special holiday for both parents and children. Prove it with this recipe for kids for a special sandwich for Father's Day.

Salmon Burgers. This salmon burger is a recipe that will not only conquer the palate of children but also the attention of adults. It is a very rich, easy and quick recipe to prepare. As you know, salmon is a highly recommended blue fish for regular consumption by children, due to its nutritional properties.

Pizza with little face. Father's Day is a very special occasion, to celebrate it as a family the best thing is to prepare a recipe for children of pizza decorated with a face, nice and original.

Mini pizzas with faces. Pizzas are a children's favorite ... and even more miniature! We offer you a very easy and quick recipe for children for Father's Day.

Basketball cakepops. Inspired by sports come these basketball cakepops with orange and chocolate for Father's Day, a very fun recipe for children.

Soccer ball cupcakes. Cupcakes shaped like a soccer ball, for dads. Soccer is a popular sport with kids, as will this kids' soccer cupcake recipe, a nice Father's Day gift. We show you how to make an easy and delicious recipe to surprise soccer-loving parents on their birthday.

Coffee cupcakes with tie. For parents we can cook with the children this recipe for coffee muffins, a nice gift for Father's Day. We suggest you make some coffee muffins, very simple and traditional. An excellent breakfast.

Cupcake in the shape of a gift. Recipes for Father's Day or Mother's Day. Muffin, muffin or cupcake decorated in the shape of a gift. Decorating desserts with fondant.

Homemade fondant cake. Homemade fondant recipe made with clouds. Ideas for decorating children's desserts and cakes. How to make fondant to coat cakes, pies, muffins or buns.

Tie-shaped cookie. How to decorate a tie-shaped cookie to give as a Father's Day gift. Decoration with fondant for children's desserts. How to decorate cookies.

Medal cookies for dad. The best cookies to tell dad that he is number one. Make this recipe for kids as a Father's Day gift. Original recipes to celebrate Father's Day.

Medal-shaped cookie. How to decorate a cookie in the shape of a medal to give on Father's Day. How to decorate cookies.

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