How to instill the value of loyalty in children

How to instill the value of loyalty in children

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The word loyalty is a virtue that is difficult to find in the world and the society in which we operate today. If we look up the word loyalty in the dictionary, its definition is the following: 'Compliance with what the laws of fidelity and honor require'. And how to instill something so complicated to explain to a child?

Loyalty is the voluntary commitment that is acquired with something or someone in good times and in bad times and it is recommended that children learn this from an early age, the sooner they assimilate this type of concepts the more easily they will later adopt them in various situations. We explain how to instill the value of loyalty in children. Take aim!

Loyalty is the union of respect, understanding, trust, sincerity and commitment, values ​​that usually go together and that are fundamental when interacting with others. If your child has a friend and he beats him, takes things away from him and so on, that child will gradually lose trust and respect for our son and therefore will break his friendship commitment, and we do not want our son to happen to him things like that. However, if we educate our son in the value of loyalty and he is a child who helps others and has respect for his friends, others will see him as a person to trust.

Loyalty goes a step beyond friendship. Loyalty for ideals, for a sports club, for an animal, for a religion, etc. Whether it is part of a religious brotherhood, a soccer team or an environmental community, we must educate our son to respect the values ​​of an institution or a specific cause. Make him see that they all have to row in the same direction, even though sometimes he doesn't like something. Doing something for someone or something you love is part of the meaning of loyalty.

But loyalty is also with yourself. The child has to be taught to have his ideals, to love what he does, not to give up his dreams. Sometimes it is more difficult to be loyal to yourself than to othersBecause at the end of the day we do not get angry with ourselves, it is easy to give up something we want because the circumstances are not favorable to us. That is why we must make our son see that being loyal to oneself is also important, the goal is not reached but commitments are made along the way.

- Shows loyalty between spouses and with children, family and friends.

- Shows loyalty to social and religious principles.

- Shows understanding when someone acknowledges their guilt so as not to point out others.

- Show confidence with your child, family members and others so that they ask you their questions.

- Comply with family, work, studies or society agreements.

- Show your children that you trust him and that he can collaborate with you.

- Establishes household chores, their fulfillment is loyalty to the rest of the family.

- Defend your ideas, but always from tolerance and education.

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