The gesture of empathy of a child from Guatemala that has shocked everyone

The gesture of empathy of a child from Guatemala that has shocked everyone

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We do not know his name, but we do know his moving gesture. It may seem like a trifle. One more donation. And quite scarce. But in this case, what impacts It is the huge heart of the person who makes the donation. And the tremendous effort it takes for him.

He's just a kid, and selling candy is his only way to survive. And yet, that day, the little boy decided that there were other people who needed the money much more than he did. People who have lost everything: their house, their belongings and even their family, due to a tragedy.This is the gesture of empathy of a child from Guatemala that has shocked everyone and that shows that values ​​are learned from a very young age.

Despite not knowing the name of this child, we have his image, and his moving gesture. He works selling candy in the San Pedro Carchá park, in Alta Verapaz. It does not raise much, but it does raise enough to survive each day.

The little one found out that nearby, they were raising funds and collecting food for those affected by the Fuego volcano in Sacatepéquez, Escuintla and Chimaltenango. The little boy came there with everything he had earned that day, just A5.00 (Five Quetzales, which is equivalent to approximately 0.56 euros). For him, a fortune. A donation as big as your heart.

The volcano of Fire, the cause of the tragedy is in the south-central zone of Guatemala. It is one of the most impressive volcanoes in Central America. But like many other dormant volcanoes, it is unpredictable. And the Fuego volcano decided to wake up suddenly. He spat out a huge puff of ash that buried hundreds of homes and with them about a hundred people.

The little big gesture of this little boy is an example of essential values. An example of solidarity and above all, empathy, a value that we must instill in children from an early age.

Empathy is also educated since the child is small. If we want our child to be part of a more just, caring and equitable society, empathy is an essential value, which will help you understand what those who are not in your place are feeling. It is a fundamental tool when it comes to improving social skills. But how can we help our child to have more empathy?

  1. Set an example. First of all, the example. Remember that children 'copy' everything they see at home. Therefore, address your child showing empathy, constantly asking him what he feels, how he feels. Showing interest in knowing their emotions and showing that you understand the reason for their behavior.
  2. Do not live oblivious of the problems of others. There are many people who prefer to 'go about their business' and not pay attention to other people's problems. Show your child that you care about what happens to others, and it doesn't have to be with people from other countries. Give examples of close people, such as a neighbor, a relative ...
  3. Show solidarity. Solidarity is born from empathy. Be in solidarity with others and attend to the needs of those who demand help.
  4. Help your child to put himself in the shoes of the other. When your child gets angry with a friend, ask him to get in touch with him, if necessary, act out a little 'play' where your son has to be the friend with whom he got angry and you play the role of your son. This will help you understand that your vision of a problem can change a lot depending on the color of the glass you look at.
  5. Develop 'emotional' intuition in your child. If you are able to sense whether your child is sad or happy, your child can also develop that skill. Ask him from time to time ... 'and how are your friends? They are happy? Have any of you gotten angry? ' Understanding the emotions of others will help you feel more empathy.

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