Mythological goddess names for girls

When it comes to naming the baby, parents can look for ideas anywhere. Although it is very common to look at the popular characters of today, it is always a safe bet to choose a name with tradition, such as the names from Greek mythology. If the baby you are expecting is a girl, check that list:

In mythology, especially Greek and Roman, we find original and stylish girl names. Are names of goddesses or incredible women who populate mythical stories and who are excellent name ideas for your girl.

On our site we tell you which are the best female names inspired by Greek mythology. Mythological goddess names for girls.

1. Minerva
The Roman goddess of the wisdom it has an enigmatic and mysterious name with a possible Etruscan origin. It is an ideal name for your girl for her originality and for all that she represents.

2. Helena
This name of Greek origin has a meaning as resplendent as a Torch. It has been handed down to us through mythical tales in the form of Helen, the most beautiful woman in the world for whose love the Trojan War began.

3. Penelope
One of the most attractive names for girls, it is of Greek origin and belongs to whatever wife of Ulysses, who waited patiently for her husband for 20 years. Without losing its strength, it gains in popularity for being the name of a famous actress.

4. Isis
Although we are facing a egyptian goddess, the name is of Greek origin. Isis is what the ancient Greeks called the Egyptian goddess of maternity, to the great goddess and married magician and sister of Osiris.

5. Cassandra
This name of Greek origin and unknown meaning exudes magic and charm. It is the name of a Trojan priestess, princess and fortune-teller who has been and will continue to be told by countless legends.

6. Selene
It is a name of Greek origin with a meaning full of light that represents the Moon, an ancient sister goddess of Helios, the Sun, with whom it never coincided. It stands out for its spectacular and magical beauty.

7. Venus
Although it is the name of the roman goddess of love, the name is of Sanskrit origin and means 'desire'. Represented as the most beautiful of the goddesses emerging from the foam of the sea, it is the name of love and passion.

8. Nereid
This name of Greek origin is one of the most charming names for girls. The Nereids were the sea ​​nymphs who lived in the Mediterranean and who represented the kindest and most beautiful side of the sea. The name is all calm and delicacy.

9. Silvia
This name of Latin origin and that we have assimilated as a popular name, belongs to Roman mythology. Silvia was the mother of the mythical founders of Rome, the twins Romulus and Remus and its meaning is related to the forests and nature.

10. Daphne
The name is of Greek origin and means 'laurel', since it is the tree in which this nymph of the woods, Daphne, metamorphosed to escape the persecution of the god Apollo when he suffered an outburst of love for her.

If you have chosen a name for your baby, inspired by the names of the gods of Greek mythology, we have also thought that you might be interested in knowing some children's stories that speak of the gods of mythology. A fun and playful way, and very instructive, to talk about this curious topic with children. has selected some legends related to Greek mythology. Here they are:

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