Advice on children's first days of school

Advice on children's first days of school

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Should my baby do adaptation period before starting kindergarten? And what about the diaper? And the pacifier? ... with the first days of school, parents have many doubts. The role of parents is decisive in the school adaptation of their children. Therefore, they should share with them the entire step by step of that stage. has selected the most common concerns and doubts of parents at that stage and we have asked the psychologist Borja Quicios to answer them, and here are his advice and answers:

1. Why do some children start school happy and soon they no longer want to go?

90% of the time they are children who were either cared for by their grandparents, uncles ... That is, they are children who love to interact with adults, but have had little contact with other children. That is why, when faced with the first problem, such as a fight over a toy, the problems begin ... and they no longer want to go.

2. What mistakes do parents usually make in the first days of school?

Parents do make mistakes, yes, but they do it without realizing it, since everything they do they do with the best of their intentions. For example, it is a mistake to say on the first day of school to cry in front of the child, or to return to say goodbye.

3. At what age do we take the child to school?

The best, most advisable thing is to wait at least until a year or a year and a half.

4. What do I ask my son to see how he is doing in school?

Many times we ask the children and they do not want to answer. The best thing is not to insist and find another way to know how you are doing at school. If he does not want to answer and we try everything, better to talk to the teachers, especially if the child is very young.

5. Should you ask the child if he cried?

A child normally when his father leaves when they get to school, he does not know where he is going, nor if he will return. Hence the anguish that crying generates. It is better not to ask him if he cried.

6. Do babies also need an adjustment period?

The adjustment period is recommended for all ages, from infants to older children. And that this adaptation is progressive.

7. Why do children change their behavior when they start school?

This is an indication that the adaptation has not gone well or that the child is sad. It means that something has gone wrong. The best thing in these cases is to talk to the teachers and ask.

8. What do I do if my child comes home with scratches and bites?

First, keep calm and observe, see if the child is affected by that. If it is affected, you have to try to be a referee, and teach the child to relate to other children.

9. What to do if the child asks for a pacifier or diaper again?

This is what is called childhood regression. They are developmental setbacks and are also indicative that the adaptation did not go well or that the child is sad. It is a wake-up call. In these cases, I recommend being flexible, and if the child needs the pacifier or diaper again at this time, offer it again, which will be left later when he is well.

10. At what point did we decide to change the school child?

That is the last step, because that does mean a regression. The first thing to do if the child is not comfortable at school is to talk with the teachers and with those people with whom the child is most attached, so that these people are the ones who are more attentive and pay more attention to them. It is even better to reduce the hours that the child goes to school before changing daycare or school.

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