The best toys for children's summer

The best toys for children's summer

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There is no doubt that toys are essential foods for children, at any age. Toys feed their motor skills and promote their relationship with others. But what are the children's favorite toys for the summer?

What does your child usually play in summer? According to the Association of Toymakers of Spain, it was clear that children continue to have preferences for toys that make your imagination and fantasy fly.

In a world where a large part of games is influenced by the influence ofthe videogames, consoles and other electronic games, where everything is made and prepared for children to just think and click, the traditional toy continues to attract the attention of many children.

We know that electronic games are unavoidable for children today, and I am not against them. I think the more games children enjoy, the better. What I do not understand is the obsession of some parents to treat their children as they were older, that is, to only worry about preparing them for the future work with extra classes in languages, computer science, etc., and not giving them time to play. They forget that by playing, children can learn, experiment, share and have fun.

Be that as it may, from our site we propose these other toys for children's summer:

  • Sand toys: buckets, shovels and rakes are toys that stimulate the creativity of children who can create castles, buildings and tunnels.
  • Kite: playing to fly with a kite is cheap and brings many benefits mainly to the smallest of the house. It motivates them to run, to move from one place to another, to have patience and perseverance.
  • Water games: the little ones love to transfer the water from one container to another. The squirt guns: as long as they don't have a very powerful jet of water that could harm the child, they are fun and refreshing toys. Mats and other toys for the pools and the beach.
  • BallBall games are perfect in any season of the year, but in summer they can be played both in and out of the water.

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