3 fabulous techniques to encourage generosity in children

3 fabulous techniques to encourage generosity in children

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Generosity makes the child feel great satisfaction. Therefore, little by little (even if it costs you at first), you will realize that being generous pays you back.

It is true that we should never force a child to share, since something that is done out of obligation is not seen as something beneficial on a personal level. What you must achieve is that your child wants to share on his own initiative with others. How? In addition to offering your example, basic when teaching children essential values, You can use these 3 great techniques to encourage generosity in children.

Being generous doesn't just focus on sharing something material with others. You can also share experiences, moments ... Sharing time is also an act of generosity. One way to teach a child to be more generous, or to encourage generosity in him, is to start by promoting the value of sharing what is not material, but which is nevertheless very valuable. Write these examples, these fabulous techniques to encourage generosity in children:

  1. Share something that you really value. Ask your child to share something he has that he can give to others. But it is not worth anything, but it must be something that you value a lot. It doesn't have to be material. It can also be your time. Remember that it does not always have to be something material, although for younger children, it will be easier for them to understand that 'that toy' is given that they like so much.
  2. Giving something to someone that is sure to make them very happy. Ask your child to think of someone. It can be a friend. And try to remember what you like, which is what would really make your friend very happy. Your child may remember that his best friend is always asking for a toy that he has. Then you will realize that it is something that you would be very happy to have, because you enjoy it. That is the gift you must give him. If your child is very young, you can do this activity to serve as an example. For example, you can explain that you are preparing a surprise for 'Dad' or 'Mom, and that you are going to prepare a dinner that he likes very much. And then you ask your child to check whether or not that detail made him happy.
  3. Surprise a person who needs a gift. We all like gifts and surprises. But there is a time that is also needed. Ask your child to think of someone who got angry, who is sad ... And between the two of you, think of something that could make him happy. there is no better surprise than the one that is received just when it is needed. Best of all, it is totally unexpected.

Remember that at the beginning, the most normal thing is that your child is suspicious of the idea of ​​sharing something with others. But little by little you will discover that seeing happiness on someone else's face makes him or her happy too. It will be the moment when you will have understood that the value of generosity is really worth it.

Source: Juan Lucas Onieva. Doctor of Education.

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