The discomfort of pregnancy in the fifth month of gestation

The discomfort of pregnancy in the fifth month of gestation

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In the fifth month of pregnancy, one of the most anticipated moments of pregnancy arrives: the baby's first kick. New moms often notice your baby's first movements around the 20th week of gestation, although women who have already had other children can perceive the first fetal movements about 15 days before.

The discomfort of pregnancy typical of the fifth month of gestation are closely related to the increase in size of the baby and its growth in the uterus. Even so, this important stage of pregnancy is usually very pleasant for the pregnant woman.

Show off your pregnancy. Your gut is already visible and your pregnancy evident. Maternity clothes will suit you perfectly from now on.

Hair and waxing. Hormones influence hair growth and while in some women it can become more abundant, others can lengthen their waxing times. The pregnancy hormone (progesterone) directly affects the growth of body hair. For example, the legs are usually areas where growth slows, but the face and abdomen become areas that require more frequent waxing.

- Heart rate accelerates. The volume of blood doubles and the maternal heart has to work harder to meet the needs of the new being that grows within it. For this reason, the heart rate accelerates and the breathing deepens. Cardiac output (the volume of blood the heart pumps per minute) grows by about 50 percent.

At the end of pregnancy, the uterus receives one fifth of the total blood volume. As a result, the heart rate (number of beats per minute) increases at rest. Go from 60-70 beats per minute to 80-90. Blood pressure tends to drop.

- Increased fluid retention. Some women notice slight swelling in the arms, feet, and ankles, usually at night and on hot days. Almost 75 percent of pregnant women have this disorder at some point. This slight edema is caused by an accumulation of fluids in the tissues.

- Increases flatulence. It is an accumulation of gases at the level of the digestive tract, which causes an annoying feeling of bloating in the belly and, like constipation, it is also common during pregnancy.

It occurs because there is greater intestinal relaxation, and therefore, elimination is slower. On the other hand, the pressure of the uterus that grows on the intestines, alters its normal activity. Thus, it is caused by the same reasons as constipation.

More body heat. Sudden increases in temperature with excess sweating are common in this stage of pregnancy. Take extreme precautions, especially in summer.

Soft, bearable and fleeting, so are the discomforts of pregnancy in the fifth month of gestation. With these tips you can improve your well-being during pregnancy.

- Swollen ankles and feet. To help combat this discomfort it is recommended: do not stand for long, sit with your legs up, wear comfortable shoes (never with a heel greater than 4 cm), use special stockings for pregnant women, drink a lot of fluids and wear little salt to meals.

- Flatulence. A diet rich in fiber, drinking plenty of fluids, and gentle exercise such as walking will prevent constipation and gas. Also, try to eat frequent meals in small quantities, avoid carbonated drinks, eat slowly and in a relaxed environment to avoid swallowing air, avoid certain foods that promote gas retention such as cabbage, broccoli, fried foods, desserts with sugar and dried beans.

- Hot. The feeling of heat can overwhelm you and make you feel dizzy. To avoid this, it is important that you avoid being in small, poorly ventilated or closed and crowded places. Wear suitable clothing, preferably natural fibers such as cotton, linen or thread, which are the ones that provide the best ventilation and ventilation. And drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration.

In the summer, you can alternate the water and juices with an isotonic or sports drink. Due to its content in mineral salts, they prevent dehydration and take care of your tension.

- Waxing. You need to be careful with the method you use to remove hair because your body is undergoing a series of changes and some of the traditional hair removal methods are the most suitable during pregnancy.

This is the case with hot wax because it affects circulation and can promote the appearance of varicose veins, and with permanent hair removal methods such as electrolysis or laser, since it is not good to subject the body to small electric shocks or to any type of rays during pregnancy. Therefore, the most convenient methods to remove hair during pregnancy are cold wax, electric machines and depilatory creams.

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