Calculate your fertile days to conceive a girl

Most pregnancies are the result of having sexual intercourse 2 days before ovulation, although it can also occur a few days before or after since the sperm can live up to 5 days and the egg up to 24 hours after ovulation.

But is there any trick to determine the sex of the baby? We tell you how to detect your fertile days to conceive a girl.

In general, it is taken as the most fertile period of the woman between the 12th and 16th day before the period. Even so, not all women have regular periods, each woman's cycle is different so the tricky thing comes when it comes to identifying ovulation. That is why there are methods that help us detect fertile days:

  • Basal temperature.
  • Cervical mucus method.
  • Ovulation prediction kit.
  • Mobile applications that help keep a calendar.
  • Routine when having sex, for example, having sex every 2 days.

How is the sex of the baby determined? It is determined by the man, who is the one who contributes X and Y chromosomes, while that of the woman is XX. Well, the Y chromosomes, which are the male ones, are faster but more delicate and weak. X chromosomes are slower, but stronger and survive longer.

This is the basis of one of the most popular methods of getting pregnant with a girl: the Shettles method.

It consists of scheduling sexual intercourse 5 to 3 days before ovulation and then abstaining until after ovulation. Why? If there are subsequent intercourse, a new batch of male sperm can arrive, which are faster, and one of them could fertilize the egg.

It is a method that usually has a success rate of 75%, as long as it is correct, of course, with the exact day of ovulation.

Therefore, you have to calculate your fertile days to have a girl, scheduling your sexual relations and performing the sexual act in a position that does not allow a deeper penetration, so that fertilization is slower.

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