Spicy food and pregnancy: yes or no?

Spicy food and pregnancy: yes or no?

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During pregnancy, especially in the first trimester, women go through a time when foods that were previously their favorites may come to hate them and vice versa. This fact falls within the normality of pregnancy, especially when nausea and vomiting are intense.

It is possible that among your favorite dishes is the spicy food and you are wondering if it is possible to take it in pregnancy.

To the extent of the woman's possibilities, it is advisable to continue with the diet she had before pregnancy, as long as it was healthy, varied and balanced. If the previous diet was not entirely acceptable, modifications in carbohydrate intake can be made. as?

- Choosing those that come from whole grains and not refined

- Adding proteins.

- Choosing those whose biological value is higher, such as lean meats and eggs.

- Introducing combinations of foods such as legumes and cereals, and fats.

- Selecting foods whose content in essential fatty acids is high, such as fish, nuts or seeds.

In addition, it is convenient for women to maintain frequent consumption of fruits and vegetables, which, thanks to their vitamin and mineral content, will replace the mother's deposits and form those of the growing baby. In addition, their fiber content makes them ideal throughout pregnancy to avoid problems derived from the gastrointestinal tract.

However, what the woman should not vary is the type of food she eats. If your pre-pregnancy diet included stews, stews, and salads, you should continue to eat them, but what happens when your previous diet includes spicy foods? Can the pregnant woman continue to consume them?

Man is an animal of habit and the human body is no less so. Each organism is accustomed and adapted to the diet it consumes, being perfectly healthy for the pregnant woman to consume spicy foods if she did it regularly before pregnancy.

Indian or Mexican food, for example, have in common their content in spicy essences, be it curries or chilis. This type of food stimulates the functioning of the intestinal transit, especially when not consumed frequently, being able to trigger small contractions especially when the moment of delivery approaches.

However, when consumption is frequent, no stimulus is observed, being perfectly safe. On the other hand, according to some studies, these ingredients contain and release capsaicins, whose release in the body is suspected to be parallel to the release of endorphins. Endorphins are natural relaxants, and have a tremendously beneficial effect for women, even at the time of delivery, facilitating its natural progression.

Spicy foods do not pose any risk to the mother or the baby as long as the body is used to their consumption, being safe to consume throughout the duration of pregnancy.

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