The danger of some kisses for babies

The danger of some kisses for babies

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When we decide to give love to our children, we have no limits, We go crazy with love for them and we allow ourselves to be enveloped by a tremendous feeling that often leads us to kiss them too much on their rosy cheeks, forehead, hands and mouth and almost eat them with so much love.

For some people, kissing our babies on the mouth is a way of showing affection and for others not so much, it is a subject that generates controversy of all kinds, both sexual and psychological, according to beliefs, customs and cultures. Beyond all these reasons, there are others related to the health of the child. We explain to you what is the danger of some kisses for babies.

Many mothers will wonder: why should I not kiss my son on the mouth, if he is my son and I love him so much? We all know that affection and love is fundamental and it is not a question of contradicting this, but specialists, medical experience and mine both as a nurse and a mother at the same time will leave the main reason why it is not beneficial to kiss your child. in the mouth. And the main thing is for your health. Here are four possible health risks for your child if you decide to kiss him on the mouth:

1. A developing immune system. The immune system of a baby or a child is always developing as it grows (from 0 months to 12 years). The smaller your defense system, the weaker it is and therefore the more susceptible to many pathogens and disease. That is why the high risk that children run when being kissed by adults to suffer from certain bacterial, viral or even herpes infections. Diseases are transmitted mainly through saliva and we know that saliva is full of bacteria. The baby who is kissed on the mouth or cheek will be contracting bacteria from the person who kisses him in the same way that the flu is transmitted. On the other hand, salivation on the skin also leaves pathogens and is therefore a gateway not only for bacteria but also for dirt, since it dries on the skin and it acquires an unpleasant color and smell.

2. Infectious mononucleosis. One of the most common diseases related to this topic is infectious mononucleosis or "The Kissing Disease", caused by an Epstein Barr virus, belonging to the herpes virus. Some symptoms that are characterized are: fever, general malaise, sore throat, swollen lymph glands.

3. Caries. Then we have cavities, it is another important health problem derived from kissing, since we already know that it is saliva that transmits viruses, therefore mothers carry their bacteria through the kiss to the baby's mouth or through utensils or pacifier previously cleaned with saliva, (although it seems horrible, there are mothers who tend to have this as a habitual behavior, perhaps unconsciously) and then from the moment of teething it already begins to generate cavities, gingivitis, among others; extending throughout childhood.

4. Sores. Another common disease in children related to kisses are sores, or canker sores. They usually appear on the inside of the mouth, causing discomfort and irritability in the child.

Prevention is essential so that our child does not get sick from kisses. Take all these recommendations into account.

1. Do not kiss directly on the mouth. It is very important especially during the baby's first 3 months.

2. Wash your hands properly.

3. Avoid blowing food when we are giving food.

4. Maintain the child's oral hygiene.

5. Never suck to clean the pacifier, spoons or cutlery of the child with their mouth.

6. Do not share the adult's spoon with the child.

7. Inform the rest of the family, babysitters or environment to keep the child healthy

Showing support and affection to our children strengthens them emotionally and helps them to be safe, it is essential for their development to provide love, affection, hugs and kisses. For this reason, let us be responsible when pampering ... For the health and well-being of our little ones !!

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