Do not threaten your child with removing him from his favorite sport for failing

Do not threaten your child with removing him from his favorite sport for failing

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There are many parents, who resort to the threat with their children of unsubscribe them from their favorite sport if they do not improve their school performance, that is, if they fail.

At first, it may seem like a very timely measure, and we would all think that taking him away from his favorite sport may be suggestive enough for the child to adopt other behaviors and attitudes in front of the studio.

On the contrary, due to my training and experience, and that of other pedagogical colleagues, we advise against this measure.

I explain why you should not threaten your son with removing him from his favorite sport for failing.

Personally, I do not know of a single case that, by fulfilling the threat, the father removes the child from his favorite sport and this one gets him to become a good student. I insist I do not know a single case.

Most likely, bad grades are more related to motivational, emotional, habit and routine aspects or even strategies to know how to study.

If you delete him from his favorite sport and he starts studying (I repeat, I have not seen a single case), you are right, but what if you remove him from his favorite sport and he continues to fail? What other possibility do you have?

Playing a sport is an accumulation of possibilities that we have to take advantage of in our children, such as: interest, motivation, participation in collective tasks among equals, healthy life, healthy leisure, increased self esteem, acceptance of norms, values ​​of coexistence, discipline, effort, etc.

Knowing that it is a complex issue, from my point of view the solution would go through measures like:

1- Help him study. Helping to study is not doing your homework, it is accompanying you at that time.

2- Have a meeting with their tutors to know where it fails and thus put solutions.

3- Teach him to manage time (children are specialists in wasting time) to dedicate time to study, training, leisure, etc.

4- That the coach know that the child is not reaching the expected results as a student, perhaps the coach can talk with him, since many times saying the same as parents to children, but in different mouths it has a greater impact.

5- Agree with the coach about any type of measure (without the child knowing) that may have an impact on their behavior.

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