Horse riding for children

Horse riding for children

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Horseback riding is one of the most enjoyable sports for children. The little ones have a special liking for horses, and practicing horseback will give them the opportunity to know, care for and respect these animals. But above all, they will enjoy a fun activity while exercising their whole body and acquiring fundamental values ​​for their daily life.

Riding, which includes the disciplines of jumping, dressage and full competition, consists of mastering the horse, maintain your control and learn to manage it. Olympic sport since 1900, can be practiced by children From the age of 4old. We tell you all about the horse riding for kids.

When a child decides to enter the world of horsemanship, it is recommended that they go to a school where there are horses and ponies suitable for their height and strength, as well as instructors qualified. You can also learn to ride a horse with family or friends, but taking even more precautions to avoid accidents.

In schools there are ponies and horses of different sizes and characteristics so that the child can exercise with the animal that best suits their abilities and skills, as well as their height, weight and physical shape.

As the child grows, both in age and size and in dexterity, the size of the horse will also increase. But it is necessary to point out that the fact that your child needs a smaller horse does not mean that his learning is slower or that he cannot go to some competition.

Although for many people horse riding does not involve great physical effort, the truth is that it is a very complete sport that allows to develop the muscles - mainly of the legs and buttocks -, improve motor coordination, balance and sense of orientation. Along with the physical benefits, horseback riding helps in the socialization of the child, encourages trust and the child's self-confidence and improves his ability to concentrate and discipline. In addition, it ensures that the little one acquires two fundamental values: responsibility and respect for animals and nature.

To do horse riding, it is essential to wear the right clothes to avoid being uncomfortable, but also to avoid any misfortune in case of a fall:

- The breeches they are the most suitable pants for riding. They are snug and perfectly designed to fit the saddle and cause no discomfort.
- It is mandatory for the child to wear a helmet suitable to the size of your head and approved by the equestrian federations.
- Recommended shoes are boots with a sturdy sole and a little heel - to avoid putting your foot completely in the stirrup -. The most recommended material for children is rubber, which does not need special care.
- On the upper part of the body, t-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts or comfortable jerseys and that they cover the whole arm. In addition, if they have zippers or buttons, they must be well fastened to prevent their flight from frightening the horse.
- Although they are not mandatory, it is highly recommended to use gloves to avoid scratches or blisters from rubbing against the reins.
- Another element that is not mandatory either, although it is essential in almost all training sessions is the whip, since it supposes an aid for the realization of some movements. A whip is never to punish the animal.

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