How new technologies influence your children's learning

How new technologies influence your children's learning

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How many times do we hear that mobile phones, tablets, consoles, social networks, etc., are not suitable for our children? Are we really aware of the repercussions of a misuse of technology?

This is a topic that we are all aware of, and perhaps we know something about repercussions that it may have, so I want to analyze some aspect that I find curious and interesting.

Have you asked yourself How do new technologies influence your children's learning?

Before children can have their own mobile or tablet, parents, as long as the children do not disturb, we leave our mobile phones and tablets without no control, since what we are looking for is their “good” behavior, that is to say at least they leave us alone while we have our food with friends or family.

But we should ask ourselves the following question: why are we afraid that our children will play alone in the street or in the square without the supervision of an adult, and we are not afraid of exposing them to network content for hours?

There are psychologists who estimate that children will spend the equivalent of a year glued to the screens before turning seven.

As parents we must offer them healthy leisure alternatives, motivating activities, so that they spend as little time as possible in front of mobile phones, screens, etc ... and that when they do supervised by an adult. In the middle is virtue, we must compensate other activities with technological activities.

We obviously know that technology is a very useful tool if used in the right place to help them learn or with a specific purpose.

As a pedagogue, I understand that advantages offered by technology for the teaching-learning process are:

- Build skills in children with learning difficulties.

- Can create interactive activities that can bring positive effects to the learning process.

- Improves attention, literacy, memory, mental math ... Many applications are created in order to stimulate children's education and some specific areas of their learning through games and stories.

Disadvantages of technology:

- Creates dependency if there is no control.

- Can create isolationThere are children who in order to be with their mobile or tablet stop spending time with friends.

- Many games can create hyperactivity, stress or anxiety.

- They can access any little or no recommended website, if there is no network restriction.

- They have a component addictive very high. This causes them to separate from their environment, friends and family.

- They generate or can generate sleep disturbances. Every time I see more children who stay up late because they are watching You tube.

My recommendation is that we must not ban new technologiesSince they are part of our environment and are also a great ally of learning as we have seen, the important thing is to teach them a rational and responsible use of these tools.

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