How to teach your child the value of happiness

How to teach your child the value of happiness

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Parents and children, as well as the whole family, share and hope to be happy. The happiness It does not depend on social or economic circumstances ..., it is an attitude of our day to day, and a value that we must transmit to our children through their education. invites us to reflect on the true meaning of happiness and on how to transmit it and make children learn to be happy. Of all the values ​​with which we can educate children, happiness is possibly the most important.

How can we teach the value of happiness to children? The happiness It can have different meanings for each person but there is something in common in all of them: happiness is not achieved alone, it depends largely on the circumstances and situations that one lives with their environment, with their family, friends, neighbors, etc.

Happiness is a value, a state of well-being that parents must teach and exercise in their children from the earliest age. It is important that parents educate their children so that they feel and be happy. For it, our site gives us 10 tips:

1- To instill happiness in the daily life of children it is necessary set an example. There is no point in telling children that being happy is important if we are complaining all day, showing them that we are not happy.

2- Being happy depends a lot on other values ​​such as kindness and kindness. Teaching children to be polite and kind to others is a way for them to feel more considerate of them and therefore happier.

3- Encourage children to be independent and autonomous it is also a way to make them feel happy and more confident in themselves.

4- Motivating children to achieve and do what they like is also a way to increase their self-esteem and therefore, their happiness.

5- The value of gratitude also teaches us to be happy. Teaching children to give thanks will make them recognize everything they have in their environment, and it will make them grow in every way.

6- Teach children to be positive It will give them more security and enhance their mental and emotional control to cope with difficulties. To do this, children must learn to control their emotions.

7- Prevent children from complaining. Complaints are useless except to make difficult situations even bigger. Teach your child to solve problems instead of complaining. Complaints often turn into vices that do not make anyone happy. What's more, it will end up infecting others.

8- Avoid labeling or labeling like 'you're clumsy', 'you're a crybaby', to children. Words have power over them, and such behavior will make them unhappy.

9- Being happy is learned at home, at school, and in all settings. We must respect the right of children to be educated, cared for, considered, respected, etc. A child is happy when his Rights are respected, defended and realized.

10- The family bond. A child is happy when he has a family that loves him, that takes care of him. It is very important that children live in a healthy, calm, safe environment, in which they feel protected and loved, away from fights, abuse and abandonment.

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