How to boost the creativity of children with autism

How to boost the creativity of children with autism

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For the ones children with autism can solve problems of any kind, it is necessary that we can enhance those skills in which they find the most difficulties in general.

Educate in creativity is to train people rich in originality, future vision, initiative, confidence, lovers of risks and ready to face the obstacles that arise in their school and daily life.

But what happens in these children when such important areas for creativity such as symbolic play, theory of mind or language they are so affected?

We show you some strategies that can help boost creativity in children with autism.

It is important to talk about the triad that is essential for critical thinking to activate this area in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, for it:

1- We will work on the symbolic game since this way the child expands the knowledge of the physical and social world that surrounds you, fostering the development of interpersonal relationships and understanding of emotions.

2- It is essential to take the collaboration between family - professionals the communication of our child or student. A good communication system will make your mood more favorable and allow a better understanding of your surroundings.

3- Children with ASD usually need great supports to understand why others react as they do, and thus better understand what are the expected reactions in each situation for each of them. We will work on those areas related to the theory of mind with simple exercises such as plates containing a small and simple story (a mother angry because the child has thrown a vase, a father hugging his son for tidying up the room, etc) and asking initial questions such as how is the mother in that photo? And advanced to reflect on this issue such as why is dad happy? giving the gestural and visual aids necessary.

Taking into account these previous parameters, which we must not forget at all times in children with autism, I leave you a series of guidelines to enhance and encourage creativity in these children.

- The novel, original and surprising objects They develop the thinking potential that children have within them. In addition, children need to surround themselves with these types of objects that encourage free thinking and that develop in them the ability to be surprised and rethink things. (sound boxes, magic tricks, objects that change shape, light or color, etc).

- The objects that have a double utility or in which you can develop the symbolic game. This offers an opportunity for the child to test how things can be something that they don't seem to be in the first place, as well as to consider other uses for everyday objects around him.

- Give the child the opportunity to generate many ideas and translate them as well as restructure them; give it a starting point and look for the balance between tolerance and order.

- Creative children especially enjoy those games in which transformations take place. So the puzzles, the clay, the colors ... All this encourages creativity. Surely you can think of a few hundred more things!

- Preserve motivation in what already interests you and creates new interests. Sometimes it is a matter of patience, search and persistence on our part since this area is often affected in them as well.

- Allow the child to experiment and try different things by itself, especially those related to the senses without promoting those things that may obsess them but allowing them the moment to play with what they really like in private, as long as it is adapted for them.

- Encourage the child to express himself freely and in new ways.

- Let the child be original and as he grows, allow him to reconsider the options in front of him. This will make him more critical and develop in him the creative thinking.

Ah! And don't forget to allow them to develop their fantasy and intuition! Enjoying your own games will give you scope to think about the best options and help you to imagine other, better ways based on your own criteria.

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