How to help the student who gets bad grades

How to help the student who gets bad grades

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One of the biggest concerns of parents regarding their children is when they get poor grades. The notes talk about whether the objectives set at the beginning of the course, learning and maturational level of the students.

When these bad results are prolonged in time, it is not easy to face, neither by parents, nor by children. When a child does not get good grades, it is an indicator that something is not working. Find out what the causes may be and how you can help the student who gets bad grades.

Children's poor school grades may be due tovarious factors:

1. Lack of study habit: Lack of learning strategies or children who do not know how to study and have difficulty developing this ability.

2. Low motivation: They are not interested in learning, they don't even understand it.

3. Learning difficulties: When there are difficulties in several subjects and it is according to effort of the child.

4. Lack of effort: They are used to getting things done effortlessly. They don't understand the need to strive for something.

5. Found emotions: Being worried or sad prevents the concentration necessary to study.

Parents, many times, far from looking for a thoughtful solution, we go into anger, scold, yell, punish, and threaten, without knowing that we are causing our children to become 'smaller', lose confidence, self-esteem, and end up assuming the bad student role, based on the comments we make to them.

1- The first of all is not to scream, it is to assume the problem and build trust with him so he can tell us. Have an affective communication with him, listen to him and see that he is very likely frustrated as well. Show love.

2- Inquire about the causes of suspensions, talk to children and teachers. Leaving aside problems of learning disorders or deficits, most of the times children do not learn for a mere technical matter: They do not know how to learn

3- It's good create a team that is made up of students, parents and teachers, so that everyone takes responsibility and a good method that helps students can be built in an intelligent and positive way.

4- Make a motivating and realistic study plan, in which everyone agrees. It is positive that you are not on top of your child all the time observing whether he studies or not. That is the fundamental role of the father or mother, supervising the task, make them safe, guide them and not fall into the overprotection. With protection we make them useless, by doing what they should do and learn.

5- Starting from student level. Take nothing for granted and walk towards the goal step by step, without haste, with great confidence.

It is very important to know how to help a child who has this problem. It is not just a school failure, it brutally affects the self esteem of the child, to the dissatisfaction that they believe they generate in their parents, they despise themselves. They export their school failure to possible family failures.

It is the responsibility of the parents to break the link between the results of the grades and the satisfaction or dissatisfaction we feel for our child. Don't judge them by the resultsWe must ensure their trust at the same time that we demand them, because without demand no child feels valued and loved.

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