The unusual story of a mother-in-law who gave birth to her grandson

The unusual story of a mother-in-law who gave birth to her grandson

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There are pregnancies that become viral because of how surprising or curious their cases are. We have seen stories of women who were mothers when they were 70 years old, men who were born women and who got to show off their pregnant belly or even the story of the youngest mother in the world with 5 years.

Today, another of these cases comes to us that never ceases to amaze, is the amazing story of a mother-in-law who gave birth to her grandson having even passed the menopause. How is it possible?

Photo: Facebook Kayla Jones

One of the dreams of Kayla Jones and her husband Cody, a couple from Arkansas, United States, was to become parents, however, Kayla underwent a hysterectomy as a young woman, that is, a uterus removal, so they lost any possibility of becoming pregnant.

However, this young couple saw a light at the end of the tunnel, in that operation the doctors did not remove Kayla's ovaries, so there was still a possibility of having a child biologically hers, although she could never carry him in her womb. It was then that they decided to undertake the difficult task of finding the perfect "hostess" for their baby. The woman who could carry her child in her womb.

It was not they who found the answer, but Cody's mother, Patty, who volunteered to be a "surrogate mother." Kayla's mother-in-law passed all the medical tests to be able to carry out a surrogacy, even after the menopause, since her state of health and her uterus in perfect condition allowed to house her grandson.

Photo: Facebook Kayla Jones

The first attempt was unsuccessful and they were very upset, but they did not give up their efforts, and the second opportunity was successful. In May 2017 this family discovered that they were pregnant and in December this incredible story of the mother-in-law who gave birth to her grandson culminated.

This story could end the classic "and they lived happily and ate partridges." The baby is perfect and This family has had an unusual experience but is happy. And all this, thanks to surrogacy.

It is a more complicated assisted reproduction technique than traditional ones for several reasons:

- It is not a technique allowed in many countries so many parents have to go to other countries to start the procedures, therefore, the procedure becomes more expensive.

- There are two systems to carry it out: the gestational mother brings her own egg that will be fertilized by a sperm from the child's father through in vitro fertilization or artificial insemination; or, both the ovum and the sperm are provided by those who will be their parents.

- Some surrogacy gestations, such as the story in question, are altruistic, in others, surrogate mother receives remuneration agreed between both and also the future parents bear all medical expenses.

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