The ideal world. Children's poetry about freedom

The ideal world. Children's poetry about freedom

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In our site we bet that the smallest of the house are also interested in poetry and learn through them about emotions and feelings.

With this nursery rhyme, The Ideal World, children will be able to reflect on freedom. The author, Marisa Alonso SantamarĂ­a, invites children to feel freedom through a kite that flies without any ties. He proposes to dream about how beautiful it would be to be free.

Do you want to fly the kite?

Are you coming with me to dream?

And the fairy who is awake

with me he comes to fly.

We travel all over the world

with freedom through the sky,

without rope, bundle or string

to tie us to the ground.

The adventure is so beautiful

the experience is so real,

what if we were so free

the world would be ideal.

To delve into this nursery rhyme and teach children to reflect on what they read and, of course, understand it, we ask you these questions for your child:

- What does poetry talk about?

- What is freedom for you?

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