The legend of corn. Tales of Mexico for children

The legend of corn. Tales of Mexico for children

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Before the arrival of the god Quezalcóatl, the Aztecs fed on roots and animals that they hunted, but they could not eat corn because it was hidden behind the mountains and they couldn't reach it.

The ancient gods had long ago tried to separate these high mountains using their strength, but they did not succeed, so the Aztecs asked the god Quezalcoatl for help. Discover with this beautiful Mexican legend from The Legend of Corn why the value of effort and perseverance are so important in the education of your child.

Legend has it that Quezalcóatl did not want to use force, but intelligence and cunning, and turned into a black ant. He decided to go to the mountains accompanied by a red ant, ready to get corn for his people.

After much effort and without losing heart, Quezalcóatl climbed the mountains and when he reached his destination, he took a ripe grain of corn between his jaws and began the hard return. He gave the grain to the Aztecs who planted the seed, and since then, they had corn to feed themselves.

Indigenous Indians they became a prosperous town and happily ever after and since then they were faithful to the god Quetzalcóatl, whom they never stopped worshiping for having helped them when they needed it most.

What did this beautiful Mexican legend have wanted to tell us? Find out if your child understood the message of this story with these questions:

1. Why did the Aztecs want to separate the mountains?

2. What did they use to try to separate the mountains?

3. What did the god Quezalcoatl do to reach the corn through the mountains?

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