Love sayings for kids

Love sayings for kids

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About love there are hundreds of sayings, quotes, phrases and sayings. This is precisely what we collect on our site, a selection of love sayings for children.

They are popular sayings, in the form of rhymes that are transmitted by word of mouth, from generation to generation and that convey a lot of wisdom in a few words. You can transmit these sayings of love to your children so that they learn more about this feeling and, above all, understand it better.

Explaining what love is to children is not an easy task, so we can turn to love sayings for children and popular sayings. Here is a list of beautiful love proverbs:

- Neither April without flowers, nor youth without love
It is a fact that in youth and adolescence love is lived with great intensity, whether it is reciprocated or not.

- Love forgive and forget. Today your friend tells you. Tomorrow life will tell you
Loving a person also implies forgiving them when they are wrong.

- Much love, much forgiveness
Again, as in the previous saying, it is important to forgive who we love, without conditions.

- Where the heart leans, the foot walks
Sometimes we get carried away more by the heart than by reason.

- Loving is not only wanting, it is above all, understanding
If we love someone we must accept them as they are and understand them.

- Well love who never forgets
Love is such an intense feeling that it will always remain in our memory, even if we stop loving a person.

- Love for interest, it ends in a two by three
Love is a feeling that to be called love, it must be disinterested.

- Mother's love, that everything else is air
Not one of the purest loves is that of a mother for her child.

- Hard-fought loves are the most beloved
It helps us to explain to the children that, even if they fight with their siblings or with their friends, sometimes one fights with those who love the most.

- Love to the degree that you want to be loved
Empathy is also applicable to love, if you want to receive love, you have to offer it.

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